Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Almost Easter

Here is one that I made the other night. I am starting on my Easter cards a little late so I really need to get it in gear. This one I totally cased out of card maker magazine(Ana Wohlfhart) and I think I am going to make a few more just with different images. I just loved the layout of this one and I just happened to have the perfect DP. I added some fun flock to Mr. Easter Bunny because I didnt want to just leave him bare so I think it was the right touch. I also colored the eggs in with my Sakura Gelly pens(I just love those pens) The "Happy Easter" is printed off on my computer. So let me know what you think, You may just end up with one in your mailbox!


Georgia said...

The card is great, love the color combination, the bunny is so cute.

poppy said...

beautiful card and my favourite colours Bea x

Stampin Jamie said...

REALLY CUTE card Sistah! I love the colors and of course that cute fuzzy bunny! Great Job! Have to case that one myself! Happy Easter!

Kim said...

Dannie this is gorgeous hun! That ribbon is to die for! Love it! Hope you had a great weekend! And your cards below are all amazing too hun!!! Looks like you have been on a creating spree! :)
Hugs~ Kim

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