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Just want to share

Hello Friends, I have been gone, once again for a while. I really haven't been too creative lately. I was in some what of a funk so hopefully, starting with this card, I can keep the creative juices flowing. I am involved in a bunch of swaps, not only at SCS but also at Love love love that site. If you enjoy swaps, Then this is the place for you. Right now, I am again in a Hat pin swap and I wanted to make a special card for the hostess. She also hosted that last Hat pin swap so I wanted to show her how I appreciate her work on another swap. These hat pins are so much fun and so addicting too. I am also in swaps for ATC's. Now those are addicting as well. So, I just wanted to stop in and share the creation with you all , See the hatpin? Isn't it pretty? I really really like how this one turned out. I especially love the ribbon(Soft pink) I got the ribbon at and if you haven't been there before, You should go over there and…