I am getting married!

I just have to share. I had the most wonderful day today!
Craig and I had planned on driving to San Francisco and takeing a walk on The Golden Gate Bridge. That bridge is a very special place for me. In 1937 my grandmother who was 6 years old at the time live in San Francisco and walked on the bridge the first day it opened, Then on it's 50th. anniverssary , My Grandma, my sister,my aunt and my mom all walked the bridge we didnt make it over at that time because there were over 1.000.000 people that crossed the bridge on that day but we were there and were happy that we could celebrate this event with my Grandma 50 years later, When my Grandma passed away, she wanted to have her ashes scattered off of the bridge and so that is what we did. My grandma was my best friend and meant the world to me so That bridge has a piece of my heart. Well today Craig proposed to me on the Golden Gate Bridge. It was so special to me and Craig made it special just for me!


KimGruetz said…
CONGRATULATIONS to my Bella Sistah! I wish you great joy in the beginning of your new life as husband & wife! Good Luck with wedding plans!

Stampingcaz said…
WOW Huge congrats, what a special man to have gotten the perfect place to do it!

Anonymous said…
Congratulations! Very happy for ya!

Sparkle aka Sparkabella :)
Marji said…
What great news! Congratulations!
Paper Makeup said…
That is so wonderful! Congrats!!!!!!

Katie C (aka blushabella)
Roz said…
Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!! He really rocks...choosing that special place, and now you have another wonderful memory of it.
oswaldfamily said…
Holy moly! Congrats Dannie! I am so happy for the both of you!
Anonymous said…
Hey there, Congratulations to you and Craig both! He is such a wonderful man, no wonder he chose such a wonderful lady! Let me know when the wedding is!!! Happy for you two!!! Your friend, Christina!!! I bet Brandon is excited too!!!
Jenn said…
Congrats on your engagement!!
Kimm BT said…
Awww... congratulations!! What a sweet and beautiful story to make your engagement even more meaningful!
Kimm BT
Christi said…
Congratulations!! What a special day for you!
Anonymous said…
Hey sissy poo!!! So happy for ya!! Cant wait for the big day! Congratulations!!! Craig is a great guy!! Stick with it..its hard (believe me)after 17 years i fnally trained him to put the cap back on the toothpaste!! LOL Please call me and I will try to forward this to Dan!! Love your favorite sister in the whole world..Angie :-)
LeAnne said…
Congrats! What a perfect way for him to propose,sounds like a great guy. Now comes the fun part, wedding planning...have fun!

MWAH Siatah,
Zoraida said…
Hi Dannie, You don't know me but I am about to give you a gift, it's BRAND NEW in the box still. Guess what it is yet? Yes the projector which you will enjoy very much. "OH" and CONGRATULATIONS on your proposal! Zory
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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