I'm outta commission for a bit OUCH!!!

Hello all, Well, I don't have any creations to share with you tonight because, I am out of commission for a bit. I had 2 cortisone shots in my right elbow this am and my elbow is killing me. I am actually trying to type as much as i CAN WITH MY LEFT HAD AND LET ME TELL YOU,(oops, sorry that is in caps, I don't feel like re typing it in lower case) it's not too easy so excuse the typos. You don't know how bummed this makes me. I love to do challenges and I cant do them, sniff! sniff! pout! pout! I will however try to take a look around and find some blog candy that is out there in blogger land and share what I find, I feel like if I don't post to my blog for a long period of time, I get totally bummed. I miss you all so much and all the wonderful challenges and great friends that I have out there in blogger land. Do I sound depressed? I think I am, I have been off of work for 30 days now trying to get my elbow and wrist into tip top shape to get back to work and to be able to create as much as I love to but darnit, this is just P*&&%# me off, sorry bout that. I wanna stamp and I wanna stamp and create NOW(can you see me on the floor kicking and screaming?) Well, Time to rest my painful elbow(does anyone know how long this pain lasts from the cortisone?) Please tell me 48 hrs. I would be so happy! Well, all for now. Please think of me when you are stamping and do some creatin for me!! Hugs to all my stampin buddies out there!!


Tonya said…
Hope you are feeling better.
Kim said…
Oh my goodness hun! I hope you get some relief for the injections VERY soon and get back to your normal daily routine. I know how much a pain in the butt this can be...my hubby has been dr-ing for almost 4 years with back pain and after numerous injections and tons of meds. we finally found a physical therapist that is helping. Sending you lots of get well wishes and hugs! Hang in there hun...it will get better :)
Hugs~ Kim
Awe, I hope you feel better soon!! You still have your sense of humor and that's a good thing;).
I will definitly think of you as I am crafting.

Hugs, Gina Marie
Wendy said…
Dannie! This does not sound like much fun at all. Hope you are feeling a lot better soon. Makes it worse that you cannot stamp anything!!

{Hugs} to you!
Anonymous said…
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