Monday, September 7, 2009

Friday Sketchers Love it!!!

Here is a card that I completed for Friday Sketchers. I totally love the Sugar Nellie stamps. I have purchased quiet a few lately and I just love em! I colored this pretty girl in with my copics. I have done some serious practicing with my copics and am starting to feel a little more comfortable with using them. I have the most fun doing hair. I want to perfect my Jeans look with the wear and shadows.
The DP is from My minds eye Whirlybird "Sunshine Girl" Soaring stripes Paper and the flowers are Prima. I added the green ribbon with white dots for the leaves look for the flowers. The sentiment is Stampin Up! Short and Sweet. Let me know what you think!
Well it's another early day tomorrow, time for the 2nd. week of school so early nights for me! I'll be back soon!!!



Hi Dannette, Just droppin' in to say What a great job you did on this card! That is a super cute image;)
SBS# 26 GinaMarie

amy said...


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