Brandon and Baseball and the end of the school year!!!

Hi to all my friends out there. Once again I have been neglecting all my awesome friends out there. Baseball season has been way busy this year. With all the rain out games and game stop due to darkness, Brandons team has a bunch of games to make up not to mention we are preparing for the end of the school year and 8th. grade promotion festivities. I am on the board for the 8th. grade promotion party and this year we are having it at a Bowling Alley here in Concord(Calif) It is going to be so much fun. They are shutting down the bowling alley for the evening so Sequoia Middle School has it all to themselves. We are having Twilight Bowling, Dancing, Tons of food, Lifetouch will be there to take photos of the kids and prizes and games. It should be a great night for all the kids!
As for Baseball, Brandon's team is UN defeated and we are having like 4 games a week for the next couple of weeks not to mention he is also on another team that games start in 2 weeks. We are prepping him fo
r High School ball. Wow! High School next year. My little man is growing up. Here are a few photos from his team with Concord American Little League, I wanted to at least post something to share with you all. Once school is done I have have time to get back to my stamping everyday. Believe me, I will be stamping every day so with that being said, I am going to sign off for tonight and I will chat with you all real soon! Big Hugs to all my friends ~!In this last picture of him pitching, Can you see the dimple in his cheek. I just love his dimples!


I hope you don't mind me stopping by your blog but I noticed that you singed up to be a member of the next SBS group and that it's been several months since the moderator of that blog has been around to update the group status...SO...I wanted to invite you to become an active member of our SBS#26 group! We'd love to have you and share all our fun with you! If you'd like to jump on board with us, please feel free to e-mail me at and I'll send you an invitation to our private group site we have created.

Looking forward to becoming "sisters"!

Anonymous said…
Wow, how exciting. I love to watch kids play ball! Keep up the hard work Brandon! Congratulations to your graduation! Enjoy every moment in your new journey, it will go by fast! Good luck in H.S. baseball too! Love, Christina
Tonya said…
FUN! I miss ball season...little different here in England than it was in Ohio and we didn't get signed up to play on base in time. Hopefully next year. Ball season is great! Enjoy some of it for me!
Welcome aboard SBS 26!

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