Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My stampin area

Well I do not have any creations to add tonight, I have lots in progress but nothing completed and tonight is American Idol night so I think I am taking the night off, as much as I dont want to. But, I did want to add some pictures of my stampin area. I have half of the room and my boyfriend has the other half for his train layout. I compromised, Wasnt that nice of me? LOL! Anyways onto the pictures! Hopefully I will have some swaps completed tomorrow, I am in like 6 swaps this month so I better get busy! Nighty nights!!


Rochelle W said...

Awesome area. All I have is a dining room table and lots of tubs. LOL

Chrissy D said...

Hey Dannie- I am hooked on American Idol too! Love your stamping area! Your blog is sooo fun! TFS!

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