My Daughters wish open house

Well tonight I went to an open house at "My daughters wish" and got to make 3 ATC's from 3 different designers. It was alot of fun not to mention they had raffels, munchies and we got to meet some of the designers that do work for "MDW"
The first ATC I did was designed by Lydia and you can check out some of her work at, I really really like this ATC and it only took a few minutes to make.

The next ATC was designed by Lisa,
I just love working with glitter and this one had plenty of it! I added a bakini top to the mermaid as to not be too well, nude : ) Love the crown!

The third and final ATC that I did is equally as cute. This one was designed by Casey Maupin.
This one was really quick and easy but equally beautiful!


Rochelle W said…
Very cool. I love all the glitter.

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