Long time no see

Hello Friends, It has been way too long and I have missed you all so much! I have had a pretty insane month starting with My sons High school baseball banquet. I was in charge of the photo collages of the players and making a pasta dish to feed bunches of people then onto the last day of school, well, that wasn't too busy but it only meant that I was days closer to my surgery of which I did have on June 15th. Alls I can say is Yikes and Ouch! It was an out patient surgery but it was a surgery none the less. I am in serious recovery mode and they say that recovery can be anywhere from 4-6 months. I wont be starting phys. therapy for 8 weeks.  I have Epicondulitis(tennis elbow) and when the Dr. went in, he not only added an anchor to the bone in my elbow but he also cleaned up the tendons. I was in a splint for 8 days and let me tell you, I was not happy for 8 days. Since I am right handed and this just happens to be my right elbow that is injured I had absolutely no use of my right arm for 8 days and even now that I have the splint off, I am still pretty limited to what I can do with my right hand. I have to be really careful even when I am stamping. We don't realize how important our limbs are until we cannot use them so don't ever take it for granted. I now know that I will not take it for granted. 
For the 8 days, I sat on the living room floor using my husbands lap top( scrolling with my left hand) and just explored tons of blogs and when I saw and idea that I liked, I jotted down the website with my left hand. My hand writing looked like a 1st. graders writing. My 15 year old son got some good laughs outta me but that was all I could really do. I also explored some really really cool blogs on DIY  and Thrift store finds and re purposing. There is a whole new world out there for me to explore. I am all about DIY'ing and how I love love love going to thrift stores and garage sales. 
SO, when you get a chance, check out the awesome blogs in my side bar and go and check some of them out. There is so much to be seen in every one of them!!
Well, since I have been blah blah blahing, I will let my arm rest and let your eyes rest as well but I will have 1 challenge card to share with you all. I hope you all enjoy it and hope you come back often to see what I am up to.
Have a splendid night all and I will see you all real soon!!


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