Friday, January 8, 2010

Gina's January Stamp Camp

Happy Friday all, Oh, I am so Happy it is Friday! A weekend of just relaxing and not having to worry about being anywhere at any given time, YAYYYYYY!
So, with that being said, Last night was Gina's Monthly stamp camp and I totally look forward to these every month. Stamping and chatting with some really great people and learning new techniques that WOW! We made a total of 6 projects and all of them are so darn cute I just have to share!
First one is a set of 4 Season themed calenders. Gina had 4 cards each with 3 months on them with the season at the top!

The next project was a card using the faux metal tag technique(I think that is what it is called) Isn't the little doggie cute?

The next project is an adorable little mail box with 2 Hershey's nuggets inside. Look at that little flag. All set for Valentines day!

And the final project is a little pocket using the Stampin Up! Petal Card "Big Die" and we put a little Ghirardelli square chocolate in it and tied it with a white organza ribbon and added the stamped tag. Easy Peasy and so cute! All the products we used are from Stampin Up!

And finally, all of us with our completed projects. Like I said, I sooooo look forward to Gina's stamp camps every month and if you live in the San Francisco bay area you should join me!


Kim said...

WOW what fun creations! Looks like you had a fabulous time! Gorgeous creations!
Hugs~ Kim


That sounds like an awesome group of girls!! I really wish I could join you one day;D
We don't live that far apart and I dream of driving across the Golden Gate Bridge..
Any who, Love the projects, I have to try the mailbox.

Hugs, Gina Marie

amy said...
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I LOVE YOU said...


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