Thursday, August 28, 2008

What a Scraptacular Getaway!

Hello all, Well I have had a crazy week. Back to work which means back to school, The weather outside has been really really hot which also means that the kitchen that I work in is really really hot as well. I get home and just want to drop, Luckily I get off of work at 1pm. so that is a total positive!
This past weekend, I went to a Scraptacular Getaway. 3 days of Scrapbooking Bliss! I actually got some scrapbooking done! 5 layouts done, I was so excited! The photo at the top is one of the ones that I completed. It was from our camping trip to Half Moon Bay. We camped on the beach. So totally cool, I love the beach! I actually tied for 2nd. place on this layout.
Brandon let me bury him in the sand and the middle picture is of his toes(We couldnt get them to stay burried. I just happened to have these cute tootsie paperclips, so that was perfect!
I havent quiet figured out how to format my photos on Blogger yet, so bear with me. The other photos are just random of me at ther retreat. I had a great weekend and wished that it would never end. That is the scrapbooker in me talking!
Well more later, Ive missed you all!

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