My Baseball Star!

Ok, Here is my Baseball Star, I wanted to say " My little baseball Star" but well Brandon is 12 and he gets a little mad at me for calling him "Little" When they are 12, they think they are so grown. Well anyways, He has had a successfull year this season. He made it to the Oakland Col. with the Pitch Hit and Run competition. He was 1 of 4 boys in his age group that made it out of northern Calif. and Northern Nevada. That itself is a huge thing! Well then at Oakland he took 1st. place and was in the running for The major league all star game in New York at Yankee Stadium to shag balls for the major league players "Home Run Derby" Now would that be cool or what? . His father and I are so proud of him and are so happy that he loves the game and does very well at it! Well on top of the P.H.&R, His team took 1st. place and we are now in the TOC(trnmt. of champions) and will be playing the 2nd. game on Monday(We won the 1st. game(9-0) . Then after these 4 games, We start "All Stars"(Yes he made the leagues "All Star " team) So then we have games all thru the month of July. I am so excited at what a great season he and his team has had, I am one proud Momma! Oh and did I mention how handsome he is? Well, I will post again tomorrow night and let yall know of the status of the 2 TOC game! Thanks for looking and I will be posting some finished creations soon!


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