Swap meet weekend

First, I want to tell you about a weekend that DH and I went on a swap meet/garage sale weekend in Petaluma. We stay at the KOA in our Trailer(home on wheels) and plan the sat. around  going to local Garage sales which the night before we leave, I go on Craig's list and plan our route and then Sunday is spent at the Swap Meet. so, for Garage sales, I found a few goodies like this really cool "Ball" jar, I only paid $1.00 for it. . You can see it on the Pepsi crate in the picture . We also found the chair that you see me sitting in, Can you believe that chair was only $5.00. Craig didn't want to buy it but I knew that was a great deal and the chair is so comfy so I am glad we got it.So that's about as exciting as our Garage sale day got so, Onto the Swap Meet. We did score some really cool stuff like that blue and white shelf/cabinet and those really cool Pepsi crates. We only paid $2.50 ea. on those. Score!!! Whenever we do this trip. We always line up all of our goodies and take a picture of it all. I love to scrapbook trips like this. This has become a yearly thing for Craig and I as this is the second year we have done this. In between the garage sales and the swap meet. We also take a drive to the beach via the country roads. We love to see and take pictures of the run down barns in the middle of peoples property. So beautiful!  Don't you think so? What is really fun is when you run into a barn sale in the middle of no where. We love when that happens. 
So, there is our weekend. We just love the swap meet and garage sales so much we are willing to travel for them! All for now my friends. I have some creating to do and want to share my latest creation with you before the end of the night!!


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